Here are couple of links that caught my eye during last week:
1) Transgression fingerboard, check video. I think that the concept is good, but perhaps little monotonic and there are better fingerboards. I was thinking of buying it, but my tip is instead of spending over 100e to a board like this, buy two holds and then insert a 5mm rim under the semi good edges. There you go, you have your own Trans-finger-fertilizer, no offense to Eva López. This way you can change the edges to smaller and smaller until both hands are capable to hang on the 5 millimeter rim. Case closed. (yes, and in purpose I wrote 5mm than 6mm, cos then you are harder than trans... I mean gressor)

2) Brad Weaver at RRG. Seems to be a place to visit one day. Jiiz what routes..

3) Erich tells us how to not climb that hard..

4) Rahis. Interview. In finnish. Go Joensuu!!! Good job guys! Hyvä Jussi(t)! Respektit koko seuralle ja Pasille ja Ansalle ja koko seudun aktiiveille. On kyllä vähä ikävä teitä, mutta onneks osaatte pitää lipun korkeella!

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