Life changes, have to catch up!

Today warmed up with 50meters of 5b in the fishing machine.
Then flashing with Thomas on the balcony.
4+ OS
5b OS
5c Flash
5a OS purple, good hold type, have to climb again.
5b OS green, pockets, ok
5a red Flash
6a+ flash, white holds, very good route, best on the balcony so far.
5c flash orange slopers, more like 6a, if it matters.

Final pump downstairs:
6a+ black RP
5c yellow monsterhold on the overhank aka hänk.

1.4.2012 Salmisaari
6a OS vert
5c lead
6b OS attempt, no go, but went better than expected.
6c Toprope hanging
5a OS balcony
5c OS blacony
5b Flash

Didn't eat enough that day, but the 6b os was close:D Thanks Antti for filming the go. Greets to Leskinen guys!

20th of March visited a boulder hall in Bremen. Linie7. It was a good spot. Quite similar to Bouldertehdas. Alot of overhang and roof, good job.

Here some maybe local guy pulling hard.

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